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The Ghost Catcher




A gift to know when people are in trouble of the ghostly type puts Hailey Hatmaker in the middle of a major problem – one that winds up getting her into more hot water than she can handle. In true Hailey Hatmaker fashion, she dives into what turns out to be a battle with Limbo, her number one nemesis.


Can Hailey rescue two friends before it's too late? Or is she forever condemned to losing to Limbo?





No adult in Landry, Georgia would ever admit a teen can do something right. Not a one, for then they would have to 'fess up to the teens being able to make their own decisions. The people in charge just plain ignored any good thing teens did.


Then I saw a problem, one I couldn't say a word about. All I could do is stand to one side and watch as disaster loomed.


I was the last person with Maren Dougless and Zac Morton Friday afternoon at the high school. What I saw of their auras—green with a black outer edge—scared me right down to my toes. As if that wasn't bad enough, since black represented death, and green meant vibrant life, in addition the center of those auras each had a reddish eye in the center with sickly yellow streaks arcing throughout it.








Ghosties Tales




Hailey Hatmaker and the Ghosties are back! So are the ghosts who keep popping up in Landry—a kindly grandma, a surly janitor, the breakfast burrito lady in the school cafeteria, a ghost with terminal allergies, and others. Seems the Great Beyond wasn’t enough. They like living in Landry just fine.





Hello, Ghostie Central. Tripped through the other blogs earlier and couldn’t find anything like what’s going on with the Landry Ghosties. I so hope someone out there has an answer to our current manifestation because we have absolutely no idea how to handle it. First, though, a little history about my particular talent.


My name is Hailey Hatmaker. Don’t crack the usual jokes. I’ve heard every single one and they stink. I adore living in Landry, Georgia. It’s a really old town in the northwest part of the state. Most times, we feel like we’re more connected to Chattanooga than Atlanta, but that’s another story—and another ghost problem to solve in the far future.


You will note that I have erased any reference to my older, far stupider brother, Rick, in this blog post. He has yet again decided to give me grief about ghosts. I’ll get even with him some day.










Ghosties Trouble To The Max




Ghosts are popping up all over Landry. The town is being overrun and no one knows why—least of all Hailey Hatmaker and her Ghosties crew. Only none of these ghosts are talking. They’re terrified of something that only Hailey and her team can figure out. Something which could prove disastrous for them all.





It felt so good to discover ghostly action in Landry once again. The Ghosties had just finished a dry spell like no other we had ever seen. We’d just gone through five months with nary a ghost to bother us. No goo oozing out of heating vents, or papers flying out of hands to plaster against the ceiling.


The call this morning had me, the fantastic, fabulous Hailey Hatmaker, gathering my group together lickety-split. We met up on the run, and raced all the way over to Bank of Landry. Once there, we had almost danced with glee at what greeted us. That was an hour ago. This particular ghost was proving far more difficult to exterminate than we had anticipated.


We could have got harsh long ago. I grinned. I sure don’t want this to end any time soon. I’m having fun again.


“You won’t stick around. No ghost has ever ignored me.”









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