KC Sprayberry - Author

Pony Dreams



The Pony Express brought mail across barren desert, endless prairies, and over steep mountains from April 3, 1860 to October 24, 1861. The telegraph has often taken the most blame for the Pony ceasing operations, although there were other reasons. One-hundred-forty-five years later, the internet made the telegraph obsolete. The romance of that time lives on, in the memories of those who heard the tales of this great venture…

Mina Weston Anders bursts into her home to tell her great-granny that the telegraph is no more on January 27, 2006. A story unfolds, as Granny talks about an ancestor that Mina resembles…

Abigail Grace Weston's starry-eyed dream is to become the first female Pony Express rider. Ma, Pa, and six overprotective brothers won't even let her near the corral to train mustangs for the mail venture, so she gives up her dream to sneak out and talk to the ponies, teaching them to accept her weight on their backs.

Then her life changes and all her dreams are dust. Or are they?




She raced down the street, her sandy blonde hair streaming behind her. Mina Weston Anders had a very important message for one of the people she adored and couldn’t wait to pass it on.

At thirteen, she’d spent a lot of time studying the history of the Old West, and remembered a very important detail when their teacher told them that a thing people had used for one-hundred-forty-five years wouldn’t be around anymore.

“Hey, Granny!” Mina burst through the door of her northwest Georgia home. “Everybody’s talking about how there’s no more telegrams. Didn’t you tell me about them?”

Granny looked up from where she was knitting a baby blanket for the little brother Mina would soon have to look after. She hated the thought of sharing her house with another brother. Didn’t she already have five? Being the oldest, she was the one stuck with all the awful chores.

“What are you saying, child?” Granny leaned forward in the chair. “Are you saying that something killed the telegraph, that infernal contraption that sends telegrams?”














The Call Chronicles Book 1 The Griswold Gant




The saga of the Call family begins when twins, Matt and Jason, return to their home to find their parents dead and the family homestead burned to the ground at the hands of the Griswold gang. They send word to older brothers, Hank, Adrian and Brian and along with aid from a dubious Pinkerton agent, the Calls set out on the arduous road to justice.




Two weeks herding cattle into Denver and dealing with slick brokers, and now returning home had left twins Jason and Matt Call ready for a long, hot bath instead of the wake up splash from a freezing creek. The brothers rode tall in the saddles of their preferred horses; Jason on a Mustang with fire in its heart and Matt on a chestnut colored Morgan. Behind them, panting from the unaccustomed time in a saddle, another man clad in a brown checked suit, white shirt, red bow tie and wearing a bowler hat atop his balding head did his best to keep up with the twins. This man attached himself to the Call brothers once he heard who they were and where they were going. After a hurried explanation that left more questions than it answered, Harley Fistless admitted, very reluctantly, to working for the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He then bragged that he'd never traveled past the Mississippi River prior to boarding a train a week earlier. All the Pinkerton's man would reveal as to why he had to ride with them was that he had to visit their pa for some unspecified but vitally important reason. Jason and Matt reluctantly agreed to put up with the pudgy stranger but vowed to discover Fistless' reasons for going to the Triple C Ranch before they arrived. The brothers had good reason to agree to a quasi-lawman along. Both carried enough cash in their saddlebags to keep their ranch going for another year.









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