KC Sprayberry - Author

Paradox Lost Book 1: Their Path




The past changed the future

          … the future must salvage the past.

DJ, Matt, and Elisa are mostly normal teens. They have their friends, and their squabbles, and their dreams of the future. Yet, they are also very special teens, brought into this world to fulfill a prophecy made by an ancestor 200 years in their past. One of them dies, one receives incredible powers, and one discovers a place no one suspected she would have.

It was meant to be nothing more than a fun and adventurous spring break from the Beaufort School of Visionary Studies for triplets DJ, Matt, and Elisa. Little did they know that the prophecy made about them was about to catch up. When they are warned that Rogues have targeted them and their family, they go into hiding to protect everyone. But the Rogues have other plans. Can they make the right choices even though they know others will be hurt by their decisions? Even when one of those decisions means certain death?





He wakes with a sense of alarm racing through his body. For the fifth time this month, Dennis James Sullivan hears unseen callers in his head, but today is far different from any other.

At seventeen, he is taller than most boys his age. His dark red hair falls over his deep blue eyes. He shoves the hair back and leans his elbows against his knees. His whole body feels as if it belongs to someone else, what with his knees and elbows all knobby, and the way he constantly springs up another inch overnight. Not that that wasn’t normal, but then the voices began speaking to him, and he can’t make sense of it.

James, as he is called to keep others from confusing him with his father, shakes his head and stands. A glance around his bedroom, shrouded in shadows broken up by the oil lamp on a table beside his bed putting off a yellowish light, brings no clue as to what awakened him.

It’s April 18. Nothing important about today, except Father promised that I could start my apprenticeship on the fire trucks.

Yet, this date brings tremors of fear. Of what, he has no idea.











Paradox Lost Book 2: The Ultimate Paradox



The past changed the future …

                         . . . the future must salvage the past.

Falsely accused of murdering his father, DJ faces a terrible penalty. That’s the least of his worries—Uncle Toby and his army of Rogues are bent on tearing history apart, and DJ and his allies have to stop them any way they can. But only a True Neutral can save their world, and The First, his family’s ancestor, is long dead. His brother Matt was killed by Toby’s actions, and his sister Elisa is fighting her own demons.

The past created by their uncle needs to be uncreated into what it was meant to be. And these three teenagers, triplets and direct descendants of The First, must learn to ally with each other to correct the errors made real in the past.

And the Gateways reveal themselves as something no one ever suspected….





Matt paces back and forth in the place where he exists. He has lost his certainty that DJ and Elisa can save Dad. More than anything, Matt wishes he could go back in time, but remember what he knows now.

We wouldn’t have lost everyone in Mexico. Things would be different. DJ wouldn’t be struggling to understand all these changes. Elisa would be… Matt snickers to himself. The same. She never changes.

He understands why James made the deal with the Gateways about Elisa, but Matt still can’t comprehend why those very same Gateways won’t let him be part of the battle now going on between the evil Rogues and all other Travelers.









Paradox Lost Battle for Gateways



The past changed the future …


. . . the future must salvage the past.

Triplets DJ, Matt, and Elisa are as diverse in looks as they are in Talents. Travelers with abilities that astound the adults in charge of them, they have nothing more urgent on their minds than a spring trip to Peru.

Mysterious voices, Rogues bent on destruction, and typical sibling rivalry pull these teen apart at a time when they need to work together. Tragedy further lengthens that divide. Can they overcome their problems and become a team? Is the Traveling world doomed because they can’t cooperate?



He stood on the banks of the Coosawhatchie River. The man of many years stared across the small waves causing a rowboat at a pier to bob up and down. The boat seemed to represent his life, from the day he arrived, throughout his own education where he felt as if Travelers made up the rules as they went along, and into his own years actively traveling through time.

He had been graced with the name of Dennis James Sullivan. Dennis for his father, the greatest fire chief in San Francisco’s history, and James for his mother’s brother, a banker in the Midwest.

Both had contributed to his youth, but James, as he was called, learned more from the father he’d planned to emulate, until fate in the form of a Gateway changed everything seconds before the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906.












Paradox Lost Redemption




The past changed the future …

             . . . the future must salvage the past.


The battle against the Rogues continues, and the outcome is uncertain. Rogues have taken over the school, and Matt joins forces against them. Hidden in a cave, Elisa and DJ try to stop the onslaught. Before these three young people can take on their enemy, they must learn to trust each other and how they can control the Gateways.





Matt eases away from the wall. He will not be where James expects him to be for a very good reason.

I didn’t trust this guy from the beginning, when he tried to “guide” us as kids. His words were too pat, too conveniently right at the moment he appeared.

He has to make DJ and Elisa believe him, but has no idea how. Matt senses James searching for him. He isn’t ready to be with The First, the title conferred upon James once he accepted his powers. Research Matt did long before their lives were forfeited gives him knowledge most might consider dangerous, if anyone will believe he actually discovered all of this on his own.

There’s only one way to accomplish this task.