KC Sprayberry - Author

Storm Rider 1 Donovan Versus Cameron




Storm Rider—one called to stand between warring factions and bring about peace, no matter the consequences.


Phillip Wermeer receives this reward for defending the honor of a scullery maid, murdered by an earl in the eighteenth century. He’s given a gift, to protect those who have been attacked without provocation, because they have come upon individuals who believe they’re above all laws.


His duty is to stop two families, the Donovans originally from England and the Camerons a Scottish clan, from wreaking havoc on themselves and others. Throughout time, Phillip steps between these groups to prevent tragedy.


Will he ever stop the animus between these families?






Frost was far too light a description for what lay upon the ground this December morn. Phillip Wermeer cupped his hands in front of his mouth and blew on his cold flesh. This area was near to the Scottish border, close enough to where they could hear the rumblings of battle from King George II’s men pushing back the heathens to the Highlands.


“Get in here!” an angry male voice shouted.


With a sigh, Phillip turned away from the castle and headed toward his duties in the stables. Soon, the lords and ladies attending his earl would be wanting to go on a hunt. They’d be demanding that their horses be saddled after being fed. Slacking off this chill morning wasn’t in the cards.











Storm Rider II Ryan Versus Talley


Storm Rider—one called to stand between warring factions and bring about peace, no matter the consequences.

An ill-fated escape from the blighted Irish potato fields of 1850 gives Mary Ryan the opportunity to right humanity's wrongs.

A story that begins in Ireland becomes a quest to clean up Tombstone's mean streets and stop the enmity between two families.

Will she accept her duty as a Storm Rider?



He stood upon the jagged rocky ground, staring at the mountain in the distance. Phillip Wermeer had made it this far and yet he paused, unsure of where he’d go next.


“I’ve done my duty,” he whispered. “Why am I still being tested?”


The ages he’d visited, those he’d “sentenced” to everlasting damnation had always bothered Phillip. The discovery that he wasn’t alone in this neverending quest gave him some comfort, yet he wondered if it would one day end… This blasted land mocked him, brought out old memories he’d rather have remained forever locked in the recesses of his mind.


“Is this how the test will go?” he demanded. “Will you drive me insane with memories?”