KC Sprayberry - Author

The Case of the Vanishing Girls Book 1 Wildcat Crew




Finally moving on from the horror of the Manson killings, the Los Angeles area has begun to return to normal. Until, that is, the small bedroom community of Monrovia skyrockets into the news. This sleepy little area, nestled up against the foothills, is probably best known for their football team, but that was yesterday’s news.


Three girls have vanished. Notes left behind have an “H” and a “S” with red dripping off them. People’s minds automatically go to the horror of 1969 and wonder if someone else is about to initiate “Helter Skelter.”


A group of teens, Wildcat Crew, doesn’t think so. Despite the police looking at a trouble teen, they focus on another teen whose past has some dark secrets. As the city moves toward the summer solstice, these intrepid investigators work diligently on solving this case before someone else vanishes into the canyon.





The moon hung low on a dark California night. June could be a mix of summer’s warmth with just enough of the coolness left over from spring to force the native Californians to retreat to their homes and huddle beneath blankets.


Fools they were, and The Mastermind would be the one to remind them of their folly. For he was the one who would wake them up from their quiet, peaceful lives and thrust them into the terror of his making. No one would rest easily until he had sated his hunger.














The Case of the Scared Child Book 2 Wildcat Crew





The summer solstice has arrived. Being the sun worshipers they are, Wildcat Crew heads to the beach for a day of fun and a picnic. But first, Marnie gets a huge surprise. Her parents have replaced her Camaro, destroyed in their first case.


At the beach with thousands of other Southern Californians, the crew stumbles over a small, crying child. Instead of checking out the waves and working on their tans, they go on the hunt for the little boy’s parents.








Loud voices startled Luke Timmons. He could hear the ocean outside his open bedroom window and wanted to go to the beach. His mommy and daddy had promised him that he could pick where he spent his fifth birthday and he wanted to run into the ocean, build a sandcastle, and have a lot of fun.


“Where’s the stash?” Daddy yelled. “What have you done with it, Liz?”











The Case of the Missing Brother Book 3 Wildcat Crew



George Adams, brother to Christine and Suzie, disappeared when his parents took him out of their home in Beverly Hills. Wildcat Crew finally has the clues they need to discover where he is and why he’s there.

The crew works hard but runs into all sorts of brick walls. Until they uncover important clues and are soon on their way to the successful conclusion of another case.



A week after the summer solstice, Marnie awoke with an unsettled feeling running through her. Even though they hadn’t solved many cases, she and her crew hadn’t ever left any part of a case unfinished.

“We really have to start looking for George.”

She knelt on the window seat her dad had helped her install in her bedroom last weekend. He’d had a full forty-eight hours without being called back to the station, a rarity in their home and one that usually ended up with major projects going on from dawn until nearly bedtime. Marnie was still basking in the glow of spending the hours not only making this seat, but also making sure their covered patio was ready for this summer’s round of late afternoon barbecues with their friends and neighbors.

“I should catch Mom before she leaves for USC to register for the fall semester.”